PODCAST: The Bucky & Sully Show_010919

Today on this packed WEDNESDAY Bucky & Sully Show we had a very satisfied Bucky and Sully after watching the Sabres beatdown the Devils lastnight in a 5-1 victory at home! We got into what went right, where they need to have their heads moving forward AND how confident we all are in the team from here on out. 

We also got into the NFL head coaching carousel that saw all four NFC vacancies filled, the final three being yesterday. Kingsbury to the Cards, LaFleur to the Packers and Bruce Arians to the Bucs. Bucky, Sully and Bobby talked about what this means for the upcoming season. 

Bucky & Sully were joined in the first hour by Chris McPherson of Eagles.NFL.com to talk what he anticipates from the Philadelphia squad as they are scheduled for a matchup in New Orleans this weekend. 

In the third hour we were joined by Chargers GM Tom Telesco, as expected after his team won this past weekend and face a very very tough task heading into Foxboro this Sunday. 

Obviously at the top of our second hour we got a very assertive Bucky featured in his daily spot BUCK UP! Then, in our third hour, to kick it off, Jerry was extra-super salty in his SALTY SULLY!

Our THERMOSTATS were peppered throughout the show and we satisfied the waiting ears with some very tantalizing stats regarding what the guys feel are OUT OF THIS (SPORTS) WORLD! Back TOMORROW at 9!

We also heard, as we do every day, the guys SHOUTOUTS and acknowledgments to some great sports stories.



HOUR 1:We got into the Sabres win over the Devils, went around the NFL in coaching searches. Chris McPherson of Eagles.NFL.com joined us in the third segment and we closed out the hour with ThermoSTATS.

HOUR 2: BUCK UP! Did infact take place! We talked NFL head coaching carousel and we brokedown some of the names and the jobs up for grabs.

HOUR 3: SALTY SULLY, very very Salty, he kicked off the hour. Our good friend and Buffalo Native, Tom Telesco GM of the LA Chargers stopped by to talk NE this weekend and our SHOUTOTUS closed out the show