PODCAST: The Bucky & Sully Show_011119

Today on this packed FRIDAY Bucky & Sully Show we had ALL sports, ALL Buffalo, ALL INCLUSIVE and all around the Nation to discuss everything we could jam in! We previewed the weekend in all facets and had fun doing it! Callers were ramped up in our first segment and we loved all of them!

We also got into some preparation for this busy Buffalo Sabres weekend! They take on the Hurricanes in Carolina tonight and the Lightning at home in Buffalo on Saturday!

Bucky & Sully were joined in the first hour by Ross Tucker of Sirius XM NFL radio as well as NUMEROUS NFL broadcast networks including NBC, CBS and Westwood One. He got into some fond Bills memories he had from his playing time here in Buffalo! While he is doing well post-football career, we’ll always appreciate his love for Buffalo!

Donnie Gleason of the NEW Daemen Mens Volleyball team joined us to talk the program and the anticipation and excitement this is creating for the school! This will be the first match in the programs history and he helped us lay out the info for anyone interested!

In the second hour we were joined by Mike Triplett of ESPN, covering the New Orleans Saints and their playoff game at home this weekend versus the Eagles. We discussed several different topics including the game, his prediction and

Finally in the third hour, Vahe Gregorian of the KC Star stopped by to give us his breakdown of the big matchup in Kansas City, the Chiefs hosting the Colts!

Obviously at the top of our second hour we got a very assertive Bucky featured in his daily spot BUCK UP! Then, in our third hour, to kick it off, Jerry was extra-super salty in his SALTY SULLY!

Our THERMOSTATS were peppered throughout the show and we satisfied the waiting ears with some very tantalizing stats regarding what the guys feel are OUT OF THIS (SPORTS) WORLD! Back TOMORROW at 9!

We also heard, as we do every day, the guys SHOUTOUTS and acknowledgments to some great sports stories.


HOUR 1:We got right into guests off the batt and were joined by Ross Tucker! We also had Donny Gleason, HC of the new Daemen Mens VBall coach! Thermostats closed out the hour!

HOUR 2: BUCK UP! Did infact take place! We also were joined by Mike Triplett of ESPN NO to talk playoffs and the Saints game this weekend.

HOUR 3: SALTY SULLY, very very Salty, he kicked off the hour. KC Stars Vahe Gregorian joined us to talk the Chiefs game this weekend at home vs the Colts and our SHOUTOTUS closed out the show