PODCAST: The Bucky & Sully Show_020819

Today on this packed Friday Bucky & Sully Show brought you ALL around the sports landscape in our “Headlines”! Obviously we discussed the Super Bowl which saw the New England Patriots win their 6th Super Bowl in the Brady-Belichick Era and some more of the celebration coming out of New England.

Today we had Lance Leipold of the UB Football team. The head coach just recently signed an extension to stick around here until 2023. Will this help with recruiting? What rammifications could this have and are they positive? How can he use this for building and reaching his teams goal?

We also had a chance to talk with Max Bultman who reports on the Red Wings for The Athletic Detroit. He came in to talk about the Sabres matchup versus one of the worst teams in the league coming up this weekend in Buffalo.

Don’t forget about the poll! We tend to! Updates on said poll happened throughout.

What else was on our minds? We let you know as we got a ‘Sports Hit’ and some reaction from the guys on the stories. MLB was also on our minds as pitchers and catchers begin to show up starting next week!

Obviously at the top of our second hour we got a very assertive Bucky featured in his daily spot BUCK UP! Then, in our third hour, to kick it off, Jerry was extra-super salty in his SALTY SULLY!

Our THERMOSTATS were peppered throughout the show and we satisfied the waiting ears with some very tantalizing stats regarding what the guys feel are OUT OF THIS (SPORTS) WORLD! Back TOMORROW at 9!

We also were joined by Murat Ates of the Athletic Winnipeg. The Sabres also welcome the Jets into town this weekend and have a much hardest and tougher task at hand with this squad.

We also heard, as we do every day, the guys SHOUTOUTS and acknowledgments to some great sports stories.



HOUR 1:OPEN, POLL, talking to Lance Leipold on his extension with UB football, ThermoSTATS.

HOUR 2: BUCK UP! Did infact take place! We also heard from Max Bultman from Athletic Detroit. 

HOUR 3: SALTY SULLY, very very Salty, he kicked off the hour. Poll wrap up,Spoke with Murat Ates of Winnipeg Athletic ,SHOUTOTUS closed out the show!