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Calling in to talk with us regarding the Buffalo Bills offseason moves, NFL free agency and get us ready for the draft next month was our old friend and soon to be regular again, Eric Ludwig of and! He is in the know about all things NFL and a guru in fantasy football as well. 

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With all of the NCAA news going down we brought in SPORTS GURU Mark Whicker to discuss that as well as NFL offseason news and Mike Trout’s MASSIVE contract ($430 Mil over 12 years) with the Angels and its impact on the LA sports market and the sports landscape in general.

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Salary Cap and sports contract expert Mike Ginnitti of joined us to discuss Mike Trouts deal with the LA Angels as well as ask him about his site and what it takes to run it! He’s also a local guy from Orchard Park and has a great product we enjoy. You will love the convo we had with him.

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Calling in to talk with us regarding ALL things NCAA and March Madness was Neil Greenberg of the Washington Post! He’s a repeat offender and joined us again to talk teams across the nation in college BBall and discuss the tournament as a whole.

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