PODCAST: The Bucky & Sully Show_101018

Wednesdays show had more than we…you…anyone could handle- but give it a shot anyway! We were joined by WIVB’s Josh Reed to discuss his report yesterday morning about a potential Lesean McCoy trade. He lent us some insight on what he thinks is worth trading for and what is not. We also replayed our interview with Ryan Fitzpatrick from yesterday so we could get another dose of his takes on the current NFL and its passers legacies. Mike Sielski from the Philadelphia Inquirer also dropped in to pitch us a Philly perspective on the potential McCoy trade. Great dude and alot of fun to talk to! Our usual ‘BUCK UP!’ @ 10 oclock and Jerry getting super uneasy with ‘Salty Sully’ @ 11 oclock! Dont miss the show ‘Shoutouts’ in the final segment to find out who we really appreciate in sports!

HOUR 1: We got right into our correct and anticipated discussion from yesterday on a potential Shady trade! Does he fair better in Philly? Is he worth more to the Bills than the Eagles? We also heard back from Fitz from yesterday and got a fresh, hot ThermoSTAT from the guys!

HOUR 2: Bucky brings it HARD in his daily ‘BUCK UP!’ and its quite relevant to the Bills and Eagles seeming stalemate over a potential Shady McCoy trade. We were also joined by WIVB Buffalo’s Josh Reed to get his take on his initial report on the Eagles reaching out to the Bills for a Lesean McCoy trade. Great stuff from Josh Reed, Channel 4 News-Sports!

HOUR 3: Philadelphia Inquirer’s Mike Sielski joined us to discuss the Philly perspective on what they could gain and what they could afford to part with in a potential Shady McCoy trade. Great dude and a more terrific interview! We also heard from the ever-famous ‘Salty Sully’ and shortly after we went right down to One Bills Drive to hear directly from HC McDermott’s Wednesday media day press conference. Closing out the show with our ‘Shoutouts’!