PODCAST: The Bucky & Sully Show_101518

Today on the Monday show to kick off the week we got right into, very fiercely, mind you, the Bills loss in Houston over the weekend. A game which saw Josh Allen leave the second half with an elbow injury and hand the reigns over to Nathan Peterman. It didnt go well if you were wondering. Is Nathan Peterman the QB for the job if Allen is out long term? Is he still the guy regardless if Allen is hurt? How long will it take for Derek Anderson to be caught up to speed enough to go in? The guys address this and more! We also heard from Sean McDermott’s post game press conference and his thoughts on what went wrong and what improvements and changes need to be made moving forward. Should they consider moving Lesean even more now, given the situation? Pressing issues at One Bills Drive and Bucky and Sully are the guys to break it down. We had a brand spankin new and very ‘Salty Sully’ leftover from the weekend! Our ‘ThermoSTAT’s’ did not disappoint. We also recapped the bet between the guys in which Bucky got 8 points from Sully for taking the Bills…guess who won? We also got twitter involved with a poll ‘Who would you start for the Bills for the future’? The choices were Allen, Peterman and Anderson, and we reveled the winner later in the show!

HOUR 1: We got right into it. Bucky and Sully went IN HARD on the Bills coaching staff and upper management for putting this incredible defense in such a poor position for the season and near future! We also heard from Sean McDermott after the game yesterday…not too pretty.

HOUR 2: We got more from the guys on what is next with these three quarterbacks on the Bills roster? What is the answer? We also previewed Jerry’s ‘Salty Sully’ and heard from more Bills players from the locker room in Houston yesterday. Do you keep Allen out now? Is trading Shady a MUST now? 

HOUR 3: No one goes unaccounted for by the guys today after that heartbreaking defeat in Houston yesterday by the Bills at the hands of the Texans. We wrap up our poll results of ‘Who Should Start for the Bills @ QB?’…Derek Anderson won the starting job with you at 48% of people choosing to go with him…will the Bills coaching staff do the same? We also wrapped up the end of the game and what scenarios could have taken place if handled differently.