PODCAST: The Jerry Sullivan Show_050719

Today on this packed Jerry Sullivan Show we brought you ALL around the sports landscape in our “Headlines”! Touching all around the NHL, NBA, NFL offseason and more!

Author Bill Pennington joined us to talk about his book, being released today ‘Chumps to Champs’. This is another fantastic book from Bill which details some of the behind the scenes happenings that with the NY Yankees to turn them from what they were during their skid with no championships, to what they were in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.


Our friend and weekly guest John Wawrow stopped by to help us breakdown the latest in Buffalo sports news from his national, AP perspective. We talked Buffalo Bills draft picks and where they are currently in their progress with the team thus far, and we also had a chance to discuss the latest in the Buffalo Sabres coaching search and a quick few notes on the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.


We had our buddy Neil Greenberg from Washington Post on to discuss an array of topics from NBA and MLB with the playoffs and the Phillies as well as the outcome and controversy from the Kentucky Derby. We love having Neil on and he always has some great analysis and thoughts he leaves us with.


We also were joined by Matthew Fairburn of the Athletic Buffalo. A frequent guest and past fill-in host for the show, Matt is as dialed in and connected as anyone on the Bills beat. We talked with him about the behind the scenes video from the Bills war room from this years NFL draft. We also got some more breakdown of how he believes this roster is going to pan out as the summer and the season, near us.


We had Dennis Bernstein of the Fourth Period on to talk all things NHL PLAYOFFS! Dennis is out in LA and comes on every so often because he has some of the best takes in the game. He discussed the now set ECF between the Canes and the Bruins and also got into some talk about how he thinks the two WC Semi Final game 7’s will turnout…St. Louis and Dallas being tonight!


We also had the phone lines open and buzzing, taking calls and comments on many of these very inviting topics. All we ask is that you BRING IT!!!!!!! Our ‘Sports Update” also kept us up to date as far as locally and nationally.

Don’t forget about the poll! We tend to! Updates on said poll happened throughout. When we wrapped it up, the results were shocking, to say the least. Be sure to vote every day and retweet to spread the show!

Obviously Jerry was extra-super salty in his SALTY SULLY!

Our THERMOSTATS were peppered throughout the show and we satisfied the waiting ears with some very tantalizing stats regarding what the guys feel are OUT OF THIS (SPORTS) WORLD! Back TOMORROW at 9!

We also heard, as we do every day, the guys SHOUTOUTS and acknowledgments to some great sports stories.



HOUR 1: The COLUMN, Open, Bill Pennington, POLL, John Wawrow-Sabres and Bills, ThermoSTATS.

HOUR 2: SALTY SULLY- very Salty. Neil Greenberg on general national sport perspec, Matt Fairburn- Bills!

HOUR 3: THE COLUMN, HEADLINES! Dennis Bernstein on NHL playoffs. WRAPUP! SHOUTOTUS closed out the show!