PODCAST: The Jerry Sullivan Show_012920

Today, on this packed Jerry Sullivan Show we brought you ALL around the sports landscape in our “Headlines”! Touching all around the NHL, NBA, NFL and more!

THE COLUMN with Sully ensued!

Matt Parrino was in studio with us for the whole show! Matt from NYUP.com had plenty of thoughts on everything from Bills offseason news and ideas to Super Bowl 54 matchup and NBA!

Down there in Miami for the big game this weekend was Brian Costello of the NYPost who joined us on the show at the top of the second hour!


Ty Dunne is a terrific reporter and a native of Buffalo who currently works for Bleacher Report on a national scale covering the NFL! We talked Super Bowl 54 with him as he is down in Miami for the game!


Its Wednesday, which means we were joined as we are every week by Russ Brown from Cover1.net! Russ was at the Senior Bowl last week and is prepping hard, not only for the Super Bowl but for the coming 2020 draft in Las Vegas! We talked about it all with Russ.


Stopping by from Buffalo Sports Page and the UB Bulls (voice of) Paul Peck! He talked with us about all the latest from Bills and Sabres to the Bulls and the Super Bowl taking place in Miami this weekend!


Heather Prusak from WGRZ Channel 2 sports joined us to catch us up on all the latest with UB hoops and other local schools as well as get into the Bills offseason and Sabres midseason!


We also had the phone lines open and buzzing, taking calls and comments on many of these very inviting topics. All we ask is that you BRING IT!!!!!!! Our ‘Sports Update” also kept us up to date as far as locally and nationally.

Don’t forget about the poll! We tend to! Updates on said poll happened throughout. When we wrapped it up, the results were shocking, to say the least. Be sure to vote every day and retweet to spread the show!

Obviously Jerry was extra-super salty in his SALTY SULLY!

Our THERMOSTATS were peppered throughout the show and we satisfied the waiting ears with some very tantalizing stats regarding what the guys feel are OUT OF THIS (SPORTS) WORLD! Back TOMORROW at 9!

We also heard, as we do every day, the guys SHOUTOUTS and acknowledgments to some great sports stories.


HOUR 1: THE COLUMN kicked off the show. Matt Parrino in studio talking Kobe and Superbowl headlines, Mahomes/Jimmy G, ThermoSTATS!

HOUR 2: Salty Sully! FEATURING a special guest Salty with Matt Parrino on Stephen A! Russ Brown on some NFL Draft Prospects, Ty Dunne in Miami on 49ers & KC! 

HOUR 3: More NFL storylines for Super Bowl. Paul Peck on SB and UB! Heather Prusak SB54 pick and Syracuse Talk , POLL Wrap Up, ShoutOUTS!